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Swisscash is offshore investment, which is:
--The best mutual funds that give you 300% return on investment in just 15 month
--and collect your dividen 10%-30% every month...
Your money is GUARANTEED by Swiss Mutual Fund

Before I start, let me explain what is swisscash is all about.Swisscash is a product from swiss mutual funds. And what is swiss Mutual Funds.
Swiss Mutual funds is an offshore investment which operate in a Tax-Free country ...Dominica

You can read the details about swisscash here
you can read the details about swiss mutual fund here

I am not telling you what is all about swisscash again and again...But I am going to tell you what are the benefits that you can gain with swisscash

.***Benefits No 1***
Swisscash Investment Plan(SIP)

-Invest a comfortable sum of money
-Enjoy a Guarantee Fixed return
-Schedule of payment as below
10% dividen payout for the first 3 month
15% dividen payout for the 2nd 3 month
20% dividen payout for the 3rd 3 month
25% dividen payout for the 4th 3 month
30% dividen payout for the 5th 3 month
Total accumulate 300% for 15 month

Minimum investment is USD130 including activation fees
Payment received ON-TIME and never missed any payment.

This 300% return is yours and your money is guaranteed by Swiss Mutual Funds.
In swisscash your money work really hard for you.
Even while you sleep
If you think 300% is not enough or 15 month is too long...
Want to make Even More Money?
Invest with minimum USD$1000 with swisscash and you automatically become swisscash planner or swisscash affiliate..
Just like me..
--You are entitle 3 more bonus with swisscash.
--This will make more, and more money-
-Your money will not sleep at all...
--Your income is unlimited
--Only the sky is the limit

***Benefits No 2***
Swisscash Affiliate Plan(SAP)

10% Extra Income on your Referrer’s Principal Investment
eg: you refer your friends John to join swisscash.John Invest USD$10,000 in swisscash and
USD$1000 is yours

You tell me who dont want 300% return on investment with guarantee from swiss Mutual Fund. So.. finding your refferral is easy as slicing cake...
You can gain more than 300% return with swisscash in shorter term
Minimum investment is USD1030 including activation fees

***Benefit No 3***
Swisscash Revenue Plan(SRP)

110% on all Returns of your Referrer’s Investments/Reinvestments
eg: as above john invested USD$10,000.John will receive his monthly payment from swisscash.
As you refer John, you will get 10% of what john received EVERY month...
A good passive income for the next 15 month for you.

***Benefits No 4***
Swisscash Financial Plan(SAP)

10 % commision for every left and right group sales combined.
eg: you refer John and Jenny to join swisscash.John Invest USD$10,000 in swisscash and Jenny invest USD$10,000 in the same month.10% of sales from jenny and John is belong to you..

Get 300% return on Investment or MORE with swisscash.Invest in swisscash and let your money work for you. Your money return is guaranteed by swiss mutual fund.

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Click above link to start register with swisscash.Registeration is free and you have 14 days to activate your account.You need e-points to activate your account which is USD1 = 1 e-points.

Just click here to get complete guide.

Your sincerely

Faridah Mohd